Joy, tenderness and empathy - that’s Penny!

“I had the exquisite privilege to spend a unique moment of my life with Penny tonight - she took me to a new level and I’m so grateful. Joy, tenderness and empathy - that’s Penny :-) Kind regards"

Client Oslo

Amazing evening - Pavla

To day was me lucky day. Visiting Tantra massage Oslo and meeting Pavla. She was the most talented person I've met! Communicative , sweet, respectful and charming. Coming to massage Pavla is 101% professional. And the variation and her touches are breathtaking. I'll definitely come back next time Pavla is in Oslo. Thank you ;-)


Thank you Ivana!

The session with Ivana was a real mind - and heart-opener for me !. And the bliss of her radiance is lingering on ! Fully accepting my desires and longings automatically also reveals vulnerability, and awakens memories in body and mind of embarassment and shame. The way I was met, seen and embraced by Ivana was so nurturing that I could let go in trust and be more what I am. The effect goes far beyond physical pleasure, as it connects deeply to the spiritual connectedness with mankind and nature. By sharing and modeling the suppressed polarities in my self with such a skilled and devine therapist I could move towards more wholeness, affecting all parts of my everyday life, also seemingly non-important arenas. I am longing for another session to continue on this path, sometimes a "long and winding road", other times big leaps in enlightenment. Like the session with Ivana. It is obvious that Ivana loves her work. You could easily fall in love with her. Just accept that feeling also, and transform the energy to RISE in love, and expand your own life. And like me, remember her with gratitude. I am also grateful for the ever perfect service given from the organizer of the therapy.

Boy of mature age

Angeline was breathtaking today.

She knew exactly what I needed. It has to be one of my top tantric experiences. And I've had a lot of them, worldwide. I cannot wait to live through it again.

Client Oslo


I had an incredible time with Gabriela. It's hard to describe, you have to experience It for yourself.


Tyna is definitely on the top for me

Tyna is definitely on the top for me. She is on the top because she is a very pretty, attractive and cute, little young lady, her behavior and care are incredibly comfortable. She is definitely No.1 respect the way she treated and affected me at: - The real feelings she let into every touch. - She has cat smooth movement and moves everywhere as she at the same time touch my whole body. She is always close to me and honest in the work she performs very intimate, sensual while she has confidence and she is constantly in full control over my body. This is great quality of fantastic Tyna masseuse who want and will make everyone satisfied. I want to have even deeper experience with her and then I MUST book three hours when she comes next to Oslo.

Client Oslo