Tantric massage

Tantric massage - therapy, transformation or just a deep relax with high quality touch.

Tantra gives you the ability to embrace all aspects of lifewithout loosing the awareness of your presence. Massage is a very effective tool which can take you there.

Art of touch

This is a very relaxing and sensual massage ritual, starting in standing position, followed by 4 element massage, using different qualities of touch, Earth, Fire, Water and Air..then comes to sensual oil massage.. Aim of this treatment are deep relaxation and opening of senses which is being transformed by massage therapist and receiver into energy of love, connecting with you heart- the most important bodily connection you need..Art of touch will give you a deep relaxation..and fill your body with energy, joy and makes you feel very sensual...

Tantric massage for relax

It is deeply relaxing treatment, very sensual and pampering..customer is receiving a lot of " gifts"...body is being touched with love ,presence and care. All the stress goes away very fast, and client can easily conect with body in relaxed and joyfull state of mind.

Tantric massage as therapy

We help you to let go all energies in your body that you dont need any more and open for more love, joy and blisfull feelings. In Tantric massage the therapist has ability to tune into this energy and change old paterns into something positive.But your supporting pressence is the key to success. One of the greatests benefits here is the possibility to remove deeply rooted stress which has major effect not only on your sexual life, but relationships and life in generaly. This work can give significant changes even after one treatment.

Tantric massage for transformation

This is mainly educational work.. we teach by working with your body and helping to explore your potential. Very suitable for changing old habits.