Many people are spending years by waiting for the right partner without realizing, that if I want to have the right partner I have to be the right one first...

Tantra is a very large area of spiritual and sexual development.

Originally it comes from India and probably it was found by people who were following traditional Vedic path of love and devotion to God, but they were rebelling towards strong sexual suppression; sex was meant only to take place within marriage and to make children.

Our body and inner energy is in perfect state at all does not need to be fixed or improved..what is causing problems to us are our suppressed emotions.

There are so many ways to look at tantric massage. But for me personally, it is place where I can train my sexuality. When I go for tantric massage, I can enter intimate space in my body without focusing on the person giving. I can be in my space and focus on myself and then I can relax.

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