Other treatments

Tantric massage for couples is perfect opportunity to give partners a very deep sensual experience with profound effect on relationship.

Couple massage

Tantric massage for couples is perfect opportunity to give partners a very deep sensual experience with profound effect on relationship.When you are able to connect together in such a special place we create for you, and you bring the the right intentions, we believe that with tantric work you can bring your relationship to another level. Couple massage is also great opportunity for learning about your sexuality.

Hot tantra

other treatmentsWhat can be better treatment in cold Norway then relaxing on warm matrace and being massage with nicely warm lava stones by beautiful therapist who will make your body fully relaxed? Hot stones have amazing benefits when it comes to healing of nerves system. In tantric work this is important aspect, to change the nerves system within us..ht stone massage makes you relaxed much deeper..and very nice also in summer:)

Cacao ritual of fulfilled desires

Now we offer a new form of opening ritual, where you are being served powerful raw cacao which stimulates your energy in profound way and you are being able to enter altered states of consciousness. In interwiew you will be explained how to use your energy to create in your life things you are desiring, it can be anything from finding partner, inner peace, or having better job or more money. Cacao ritual together with tantric massage is powerful tool to manifest life of your dreams and this practice will inspire you for daily practice in your life.

Tantric de-armouring

This is deep emotional release work, using combination of strong acupressure and gentle, soft touch. The main focus is on pelvic floor, chest, neck, and head. the results are an immense bettering of the flow of the energy in the body and an increased feeling of well-being and peace. Opens the body for what ever comes next.

Ritual play

A space in which you can experience yourself through the body freely: to feel and express unconditional acceptance; where is equality of emotions, expressions, impulses and responses. It’s a very unique and new experience in your life, with profound benefits by entering a state of joy and innocence.

Dark tantra - coming soon

Experience deep massage in completely dark room. Darkness is real balm for stressful mind. When there is nothing to see, nothing to hold on, your awarness for inwards and you can enter deeper realms of your inner being. One day we will provide possibility to stay in dark room for days, which has amazing benefits, but here you can get at least little taste of it.