I believe in the power of magical touch! It's always incredible to see and to feel how is it possible to create a connection between body, soul and mind.

For me is tantric massage a kind of beautiful gift which I can give for people they are looking for happiness and peace, relax and enjoy. Tantric is more than body massage. Tantric is inspiration! Tantric is the opportunity to find love, trust and power at the same time inside of you! And I'm excited to accommodate you on this discovery way and I'm glad to spend my attention. So let's create something special together only for you because you are special one also and you deserve it! Looking forward for magic touch! Shana


"Circumstances today justified a relaxing massage and I was lucky to get an early appointment with Shana, a therapist from a different country than most of the tantra therapists in Oslo. She is a nice mellow and sensitive/intuitive therapist that received me warmly and made me comfortable right away. Her massage was focused on the whole body, and a bit less on lingham and finishing than the previous tantra massages I have had in Oslo, but that may just have been what she decided I needed today based on her intuition. Anyway both the treatment without and with warm oil was perfect and almost put me back to sleep. True to her advertisement she allowed me to give her caresses and massage within her reasonable boundaries, which felt very nice to do as a return favor. 2 hrs was actually a bit too short time to properly include that. Shana is a petit, nicely shaped and toned woman besides being very friendly and a true pleasure be near."