Fragility of a fairy - wildness of a lioness. Helako will seduce you with her first look and sensual smile of an oriental princess.

Tantric massage is for me a game with amazing variety of an intimate touch. Touch, closeness, I see both as unseparable part of our life. I love nature and I like to let it inspire me by colors, scents, tastes, warm sun or even calming moon. I love life because it is maleable and I can discover lots of new things. I can express my sensuality and spontaneousness. I’m fierce element and I like to share my positive energy with kind smile. Empathy and emotion make my every massage exactly what you need whether it is relax, acceptance, loving touch or awakening of your sexual energy. I’m experienced on a field of consensual BDSM and I will enjoy playing with your body same as an artist plays with colours and canvas. Come have a taste! I will enjoy leading you on a way of sensual massage or opening a chamber of your submissivity. Together we will fullfill your secret fantasies. Looking forward to see you!

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