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Nalas experiences of her massages are to awaken the subtle sensations in the body and to expand arising lust by intertwining sensitivity and powerful sensuality through nurturing energy.

It is a gift to give yourself to dive into your body through elements of playfulness, emotions and dynamism.

She has been trained to give Tantra massages since 2012 at Garden of earthly delights in Berlin and has attended several diverse workshops. She continues to expand her knowledge of various techniques to give satisfactory results. She offers a serene atmosphere where you will feel warm and safe in allowing your sensibility to be present and creating awareness to the physicality of every moment.

Nalas presence is affectionate and loving, granting you a deep flow of sensuality and tranquillity – by letting go and flowing into bliss.

In her spare time, she enjoys to walk in nature, the lively of Acro yoga and practices Kundalini meditation.