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My gentle, pleasant and energetic touch will make you feel good and charged. It will make you sense both your soul and body as one.

Tantric massage I give is nourishing as well as for my client as for me. To me the perception of the human touch is enriching, sincere and touching. Every person has their own specific quality of energy and for me it is a gift to perceive this through the touch and be also able to express what I wand to give and tell. Hands are my magic instruments and I have my unique energy and therefore I perceive my massage as very unique. It is intense, sensual but also slow and light. I like meeting new people. Bringing new places and people into life take some charm and experience. My hobbies are listening to music, drawing (mostly portraits) and playing a musical instrument. I like to travel and see new nice places. I am looking forward to you to come to my massage. I will share with you all about my touch, caressing and energy.

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