Paula is a certified tantric massage therapist which has her own and unique way of sharing tantric experience.

She will conect with you through her gentle and loving touch and support you to discover something new about yourself. For her tantric massage is about autentic expression of desire, being playful and open and share what serves most in every moment. Her touch is full of presence and it will nourish your body and mind with warmth and gentle sensations.


Certified sensual massage with EASE ( Europian academy of somatic education)

  • Body de-armouring
  • Energetic orgasm and energy work
  • Conscious BDSM
  • Japaneese bondage ( shibari)
  • Certified pelvic floor release 
  • Wheel of consent
  • Somatic coaching 
  • scar healing
  • clasic massage
  • shiatsu massage
  • Tok-sen therapy

If you want to know how it feels to be touched by Godess, then try massage with Paula. Her touch gives to your body in every moment exactly what it needs and leave you with profound sence of nourisment. She is skillful massage therapist and also she can share with you her depth, open communication, creativity and fun. She touches you in a way your body needs and you will only wonder how is that possible:) Jista CSB, Studio manager

Every massage from Paula is an amazing, thrilling and deep journey into my inner world full of joy, loving touch, understanding and satisfaction. Everytime, when she connects with me through her heart, I feel with relief, that there is no need to say or imply anything. Everything is happening and fulfiling in a way I exactly need, meeting my deepest desire. Paula is gentle, understanding, sensitive, passionate, charming and mysterious. I will definitely come back and let myself endow with the gifts which are very rare to receive from other therapist. A part of my heart will always stay with her.    Client

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