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Thank you for taking care of yourself by giving you an opportunity to connect, to receive conscious and loving touch, because this will definitely enhance your well-being.

My main intention is to create a space and time where you can express yourself without any expectations or judgements. Thus you can open up to yourself and others, discover and accept your true-self and express your love without guilt and shame. When you allow yourself to do this, your body will know what to do in order to feel complete fulfilment, bliss and peace. This is a divine gift. Due to my work experience I am convinced that the following statement is true:

"Men who think they already know something about the world will be surprised what pleasures have escaped him so far. Whoever doesn’t know this massage has missed out on something important." Silvio Wirth

If you can resonate with this, I am looking forward to taking you to places where you might never been before. Even if you were, this time is going to be different;) Victoria