Pavla (not available)

I do massages unconditionaly with love, esteem and empathy. Every individual being for me is the most wonderful and unique.

Every meeting with new person is the great  opportunity for me to develope and grow. I think everyone deserves only the best and it just needs to believe in it. If you understand this, then  your gate to happiness will be opened. I can show you how allow to be blissful. I do massage always with fully sensitivity, counsciousness and understanding. I enjoy the presence of a certain moment, touches and movements. I´m able to establish confidence and safe atmosphere. My highest aim is full self-acceptance of a receiver.

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For me savour of tantra massage means meeting of two different energies, which together create something incredible if it is allowed.  

I love the living. I love to recieve every occasion coming into my journey. In the spare time I enjoy dancing. I´m interested in modern dance and jazz dance. I love the music especially latino rhythms and soul.  Sometimes i play the guitar. The nature attracts me a lot. I´m fascinated by the mountains and night sky. Meditation in the fresh air makes me really lucky. Therefore the hiking with good friends I like. It would be amazing live on more places constantly. I adore animals, my favorite is a cat and flamingo :)

I studyied social work. I led courses of musicotherapy, dancetherapy and arteteraphy for disadvantaged people. 

Apart of tantric massage I do hawaiian massage, reflexology and indian antistress massage.

Clients feedback


I would like to say big thank to Ms. Pavla for massage  which how you say "recharge the batterie" to me again, get rid of stress and filled me a joy.

Client from Czech



I would like to require you to tell by my name again big thank to Ms. Pavla for a wonderful two hours ongoing experience that afternoon which gave me and I have really enyjoyed it. I have to emphasize unfortunately, because only two hours. Iam looking for more superlatives, but it is simply wonderful, sweet and dangerous at the same time because it is excetly addictive. I had a great rest and relaxation, but also we were talking really nice.

Thanks a lot Pavla




well, we would like both thank you again for yesterday's massage :-) Shortly after that we had no more words to say and it is really unsual especially for my boyfriend. We both agreed that we'd still lay there longer. 

As for me, one single massage helped to realize that i have actually always chased for something, I deal with the future, rather and permanently I am stressed and tired from school and everything. I have to focus for a wonderful moment of a pressence. I enjoyed the massage so much. It was really such a beautiful moment, I could concentrate only on myself.

Otherwise, we decided definitely continue with Tantra :-) As a couple and as individuals mean a lot for us. We've started bumping into stereotype and everything began to crumble, mainly from my side. Now we are planning visit your course.

Once again, thank you for everything

Carolina and Kamil

Pavla was the experience of a lifetime. I had the most fantastic 2 hours in my life today. Sooooo outgoing so relaxing so calm so easy to talk so pasionately so gentle so fantastic that I have no words to describe it .I will never forget today !!

Client Trondheim

I have had 4 incredible sessions with sweet Pavla She is an amazing girl. Very gentle and gives a lot of herself. I feel like a new man after every session. I hope you come back to Oslo soon :)

To day was me lucky day. Visiting Tantra massage Oslo and meeting Pavla. She was the most talented person I've met! Communicative , sweet, respectful and charming. Coming to massage Pavla is 101% professional. And the variation and her touches are breathtaking. I'll definitely come back next time Pavla is in Oslo. Thank you