What is Tantra?

Tantra is a very large area of spiritual and sexual development. Originally it comes from India and probably it was found by people who were following traditional Vedic path of love and devotion to God, but they were rebelling towards strong sexual suppression; sex was meant only to take place within marriage and to make children.

Then there became a branch of spirituality where sexual force was used to reach our inner state of being, or if you like to call it God. Then there developed a quite complicated system of ritual, prayers, meditations, many scripts written on this subject; how to transcendent our mind into divine and how to have divine sex instead of ordinary.

In a way this would have been forgotten probably without new masters who “recreated" those teachings and brought it closer to western people. And suddenly we have much more fields on Tantra, where people like to adjust it even more to modern world. There is a lot of influence by shamanism, psychology, sexology etc. Actually tantric massage is quite new. It was invented in USA in early 70s; our teacher Joseph Kramer (Phd) is probably the main pioneer in this type or bodywork.


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Tantra massage in Oslo

  • Tantric massage

    Tantric massage

    Tantric massage - therapy, transformation or just a deep relax with high quality touch.

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    Other treatments

    Tantric massage for couples is perfect opportunity to give partners a very deep sensual experience with...

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    Coaching and Workshops

    In this moment we offer only private workshops for individuals and couples where you can learn how to...

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